The corona canon virus disinfection system

The corona canon virus disinfection system is antiviral against several viruses, including the infectious SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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Tehacon B.V. is a supplier of medical equipment in the Benelux. The Tehacon team consists of professionals who have worked in the medical world and healthcare for many years. Tehacon professionals know what is going on in health care institutions and see issues from your perspective. Together we look for the best solution.
Our clients are hospitals, independent clinics, ambulance services and care facilities.

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How we help during the corona pandemic (COVID-19).

The corona canon virus disinfection system. 

Our focus is on keeping our employees safe, who provide healthcare teams with life-saving products needed to continue treating patients in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The corona canon virus disinfection system is anti-viral against several viruses, including the contagious SARS CoV 2 virus. 

TNO has independently performed effectiveness tests in its laboratory with the corona canon virus disinfection system. The final conclusion stated in her report is: "A 94.9% reduction in infectious SARS CoV-2 virus particles was obtained after 15 minutes of exposure to the corona canon disinfection system in a closed laboratory cabinet 85 centimeters away on stainless steel plates."

TNO's communication department has drawn up the following statement on this: "TNO has shown in its laboratory that the corona canon helps to neutralize the coronavirus, thus contributing to reducing the risk of infection."


The press release previously published by us contained inaccuracies, the message has been withdrawn by us.
The correct press release can be found

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Jan Stouten
Hair Salon Beetje Stout

Clients, staff and myself know that my salon is Corona protected which provides peace of mind!

Directie de Oostvaarders
Pavilion de Oostvaarders

We use the Corona Canon system in our restaurant as well as in our private areas. Summer is coming to an end, our guests are taking place more indoors instead of on the terrace, and the corona infections are increasing again. It is therefore extremely valuable to be able to offer a corona-proof restaurant experience! Our guests but also our employees are very happy with this.

Jan Goossens
Result Mediation; MfN registered mediator / Director

I am very enthusiastic about the corona canon system. I take these with me to all my meetings. Nobody objects and everyone is interested.