Order the corona canon virus disinfection system

Corona canonis a virus disinfection system that makes infectious viruses such as SARS CoV-2 in the air and on surfaces harmless to humans.

The corona canon virus desinfection system is mounted on the wall. For those who object, there is a Tripod or a Plexiglas support for sale, specially made to measure.

Your money back guarantee:

If, within 30 days of installation of the purchased corona canon virus desinfection system, someone in a corona canon protected room is found to be infected with SARS CoV-2, you can return the corona canon. Provided the corona canon has been installed and used correctly, taking into account the incubation time from the GGD source and contact investigation. If we receive the corona canon in its original packaging and returned undamaged, you will receive your money back.

Ordering or questions?

Corona canon
€ 925,00 per item ex VAT 

€ 850.00 each ex VAT
Schools on request.

Plexiglass standard
€ 99,00 per item ex VAT











   € 140,00 per item ex VAT
   Available with Aluminum, Black
   or Orange details

At "Question or comment", indicate which standard you choose.