Our Team

Robert Huisman
Managing Director / CEO
Founder Tehacon B.V. &
Tehacon Medical

  As a civil engineer I have been able to do many wonderful and interesting projects.
My adage is to always keep doing things that are fun. That is why I have spent a lot of time in healthcare. I have worked – among others as an auditor and consultant - on the quality of healthcare. Since 2018 I have focused my attention on information security and personal / patient data, for example the introduction of the AVG. In hospitals, as well as clinics and medical practices, I have reviewed and helped improve business operations. At the beginning of 2019 we took up the challenge of providing the Netherlands with good and affordable medical equipment and resources. Here too, as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Nora Flipphi-Gouw
Office management / CFO

  I have gained my experience and knowledge in practice by researching independently and being open to advice. I have been doing this for several decades now, and I feel very comfortable in what I do.
As a passionate Office Manager / CFO my work gives me a lot of satisfaction. Being able to be there for customers, relations and colleagues. I mainly focus on Tehacon B.V. and trading companie Tehacon Medical to put them on the map in both The Netherlands and Europe. A nice challenge.


Perla María Pérez Osorio
Marketing Manager Social Media




¡Hola, a todos!

I am Perla, Mexican by birth, but a traveller at heart. The latter was what led me to work on the other side of the world, in the Netherlands.

From a very young age, I developed my interest in languages and other cultures. My first steps were accompanied by my first words in English and Italian. That taste has led me to visit and live in other countries, both in America and in Europe.

At 16 I knew what I wanted to do: travel, learn about different cultures and do business. And I guess that was to be expected since my parents are entrepreneurs. In 2021 I obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Business at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City.

My taste for International and Digital Marketing arose with Social Media because today we all use them! And not only do they facilitate communication, but they also help us to know what is happening anywhere in the world.

Working at Tehacon B.V. / Tehacon Medical has allowed me to develop my skills, but also to acquire new knowledge, meet people with different perspectives and work in an environment that seeks innovative solutions.


MarvinMarvin Heins
Shycocan specialist


I was born and raised in Wassenaar and I come from a sporty family. I have a positive mindset and I like challenges. I have studied gastronomy, and for this reason, I have always been particularly fascinated about the relation between food and health. Partly because of this, I started with the Bachelor studies ‘Food Commerce & Technology’ and I graduated from Inholland University of Applied Sciences at Delft in 2019.
Subsequently, I see a logical transition to the health sector to which Uwin is contributing. I think it’s a great challenge to be part of the Uwin team and having the possibility to work for this company. My interests are, besides sports, to learn and discover languages and cultures, which I further explore though travelling. I have always been amazed by this, and it has absolutely enriched my life.

After 18 month I have left Uwin for a job in the food industry that is even more in line with my education and in the direction in which I want to further develop my career.
I would like to continue to share my knowledge and experience with the Shycocan with my (former) colleagues and I will advise and assist them if they ask for my help, even now that the business activities have been transferred to Tehacon Medical.